1. I am back from Oregon and posting will now continue //as usual//


  2. I (HALEY) am road tripping to oregon this week and won’t be back posting on this page until the 13th



  3. Tonight we play w/ Skating Polly at Los Globos
    If you are there come say hi!
    We are on at 11 pm

  4. Los Globos Aug 4th 

    Sloppy Jane

    Skating Polly

    Arjuna Genome


    Flier by Luna Slater (funeralhome420.tumblr.com)


  5. Upcoming Shows!
    -July 26th- Good? Bad? Rad! (7:30 pm)
    W/ So Many Wizards, The Buttertones, Adult Books + more!

    -July 26th(11:00 pm)- FMLY Ride Retrospective @ Lot 1/Echo Chamber
    W/ @dolphins n shit and Lilacs

    -August 4th- Los Globos
    w/ Skating Polly, Arjuna Genome and Locas

  6. Sloppy Jane @ Insidelands 2014

    Pic by Mariah Sanchez


  7. bryanheg said: What's your favorite animated trio that is also you guys?

    Josie and the Pussycats was the most spot-on for sure and Powerpuff Girls are my favorite trio for life

    Hex Girls made me laugh the hardest, though.


  8. Anonymous said: COME TO OTTAWA!! PLAY WITH BONNIE DOON!!! i love love love love love you guys and want the girls in my city to hear you!!!! <333

    Canada is a far far away place that we would absolutely love to visit!! I am not familiar with Bonnie Doon though (I live under a rock tho tbh)

    Keep showing us to yr friends over there and maybe we’ll be able to go one day! <3 thanks so much for the support I love you.




    who is going?


  10. Anonymous said: I'm a songwriter, and your band is a huge inspiration to me. What's the songwriting process like for you? How long does it take to complete one song and get your emotions out on paper?


    ahhh thank you so much!!!!

    my process differs depending on what I’m writing but i’ll just give you a breakdown of the different styles I guess

    Sloppy Jane/Angry journal entry-type songs (ex: rhoda’s revenge, queen of sludge mountain, prayer)

    for these songs I usually start with inspiration from media. Like, movies or television. lines or images that are inspiring to me. Sometimes I will spend entire days watching Law and Order with a pen and paper just jotting down line segments I like and then I string them together later. I am v influenced by movies and tv.

    Love songs/breakup songs:
    (ex: Pieces, Wilt, even Wish Me Well really)

    Usually what I do with these songs is I write them all the way through stating my feelings literally. This usually ends up sounding really cliche and terrible, but once I finish the whole thing I go all the way through and find more creative ways to make the statements I wanted to make. The songs are always much more literal than they even sound, honestly. The more personal you make them, the more abstract they are going to seem to people who don’t know you.

    Catchy/Pop songs (ex: angriest girl, the pop songs I write for other people) 

    Those always start with a hook and go from there 

    Songs can take me anywhere from 20 minutes to a few weeks to finish. It really depends. And I pick at them forever.

    I hope this was helpful! Let me know if you have any more questions <3